Customer Information – Titanium dioxide

Dear customer,

On 18 February 2020, the European Union classified the white pigment titanium dioxide as "potentially carcinogenic by inhalation" (category 2). Following the subsequent publication in the Official Journal, an 18-month transitional period for the implementation of the regulation came into force.

The classification of titanium dioxide affects the Felix Schoeller Group in that titanium dioxide is an important formulation component in some of our papers. However, the reclassification does not require us to make any changes in the further processing of the raw material, as we regulate the issue of dust pollution with titanium dioxide, as with all mineral dusts in equal measure, through the German Occupational Safety Act and the legally established dust limits.   

Paper itself is a manufactured product and according to the current legal situation is not affected by the new classification of titanium dioxide. So, for you as a customer of the Felix Schoeller Group, nothing will change in the way our papers are processed.

Our colleagues from sales and technology will be available to answer your questions.

With kind regards
Georg Haggenmüller            Stephan Igel
(COO)                                (CSO EMEA)

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