Information for our European and Asian customers

Dear customer,

With the spread of the coronavirus, the world is currently facing one of the greatest challenges of this century. Every day we are confronted with new information and potential consequences on the overall situation.

Within a pandemic team, we are constantly evaluating the current recommendations and requirements of the Federal Government, the WHO and the governments of other countries worldwide and defining the necessary measures on this basis.

As an international company, we have a responsibility - a responsibility towards our employees, but also towards our customers and business partners, to whom we want to offer the most efficient service possible, including the highest availability of products.

To protect our employees worldwide, we have taken various measures to reduce the risk of infection with Covid-19. We have adopted a pandemic plan for all German sites, we are continuously raising awareness among our employees and appealing to their prudence, personal responsibility and level-headedness. We have strengthened hygiene standards and expanded cleaning chains, as well as setting rules for meetings and social interaction. Travel and visits have been largely undeclared. So far, we have no employees suffering from corona virus.

Our production operations are currently running at all German and Chinese locations without any significant restrictions. Based on the above-mentioned modules, we have taken precautions in the plants and administrative areas to ensure our ability to act and deliver under the current conditions. Communication and information exchange are very important in these times. Our customer service and sales team is at your disposal at any time. Of course, we will keep you informed about new developments in the situation. Stay healthy!


With kind regards

Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp


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