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Decor papers

Decor papers

Decor paper is everywhere. In fact, it’s hard to imagine life without it. Furniture, flooring, siding for buildings – much of what you see and touch is decor paper. The vastness of its uses matches the incredible diversity of the requirements it fulfils.

Our mission compels us to furnish every customer with the best solution for every application. That’s what made us the market leader. We believe being the best means having more of everything: know-how, expertise, passion and ideas.

We’re sure to surprise you. We make existing products better and more efficient. And we persistently stay on course when designing new, often revolutionary, products, until we reach our goal: your solution.

That’s our understanding of SOLUTIONS FIRST.

    Research Solutions

    Leading the way – with more R&D solutions.

    Technocell Dekor’s R&D people are by nature inquisitive, intrigued by challenges
    and driven by the challenge of finding the ideal solution to satisfy your individual needs.

    More information about our Research Solutions

    Colour Solutions

    Leading the way – with more colour options.

    After producing 7,000 colours, we’re certain there isn’t a colour we don’t know.

    More information about our Colour Solutions

    Paper Solutions

    Leading the way – with more product diversity.

    Our range of decor papers does it all, not only making surfaces more attractive, but satisfying diverse requirements for more economy, versatility and individuality.

    More information about our Paper Solutions

    Service Solutions

    Leading the way – with more service. Worldwide.

    When it comes to service, you can just expect more from us: contact that is more personal, more attentiveness and more expertise.

    More information about our Service Solutions

    Worldwide Solutions

    Leading the way – with more worldwide solutions.

    Where you need them is where you get them. Our solutions know no geographic bounds.

    More information about our Worldwide Solutions


    Cost-down Solutions

    Leading the way – with more efficient value thinking.

    We know paper. And we, together with our customers, always manage to find
    solutions that are more efficient, sometimes for manufacturing processes, other times
    for raw materials and often just good ideas. But always with the entire value chain in mind.