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Colour Solutions

Colour Solutions


We’re never at a loss for new ideas. It’s even gotten to the point where we no longer surprise customers when we produce the colour they need.


Anybody who uses decor paper will tell you it’s not just the material that matters. Colour is every bit as important. There are different whites and then there are colours. That’s why we take our time testing, waiting until we have the perfect results. To date, we have more than 7,000 colours validated and in production. Our company has standardised colour formulas, meaning you can depend on having consistent colour quality every time. You’ll find the most popular colours in this range compiled in our Edition 140. All the colours in this selection have been subjected to multiple tests and have been proven in the market. Their immediate availability makes them economical and shortens the lead times of your orders.


Sometimes you might need to react to a new trend or even set one. Only a completely different, individual colour can answer this need. This too, is not a problem, as our colour specialists can make it happen for you – no matter how complex! They have the means in their state-of-the-art labs to carefully analyse the organic-inorganic balance and to determine if the colour really meets your requirements.

And if your needs involve intense colours, colour matching or smaller lots, we have good news for you. Our Günzach, Germany, plant has two paper machines reserved solely to serve such needs. Conclusion: Even after developing more than 7.000 colours, no colour requirement is routine for us, but rather a challenge to find new solutions. We look forward to what you have in store for us.

    LEVEL 25

    "The feel for colour" is the philosophy underpinning our exclusive trend colour collection LEVEL 25.
    LEVEL 25 is a harmonious combination of vintage and pastel colours and earth and mud tones.

    The 25 trend colours are part of Technocell’s extensive portfolio of decor colours and can be produced and delivered any time in the accustomed quality.

    Discover it for yourself!

    Edition 140

    From Technocell Dekor’s range of over 7,000 validated colours, you can now discover a special selection: Edition 140. These 140 colours have already been tried and tested so that the time between hatching an idea and delivering the product to our customers is much shorter.

    We have carefully selected the colours in Edition 140 for you, applying the high quality criteria that Technocell Dekor is known for. Our technologists will be happy to advise you on how to marry your very particular requirements and technical specifications with our paper qualities.

    Customised colour

    If you have a very particular idea about the special colour shade you would like, our experts will draw upon their vast storehouse of experience to fulfil your wish as accurately as possible.

    They have the latest equipment available in our colour labs, enabling them to analyse colour samples and achieve the right blend of organic and inorganic pigments.

    This development-intensive process comes at a price, but it also has an advantage: the colour produced in this way will be genuinely unique.


    Our colour experts are there to support you with their experience and know-how through all the stages on the journey to your finished decor paper colour. We produce laminates and, using a trained eye in combination with modern analysis methods, our staff determine whether the colour shade you would like meets the objectives. Our Günzach site is both a centre for colour matching and also specialises in intensive-coloured papers.

    This is where we have successfully produced over 7,000 coloured paper grades in recent years – and this is where you can count on your colour wishes becoming reality.

    Colour enquiry

    You have a colour in mind and would like to know whether you could choose one of the Edition 140 colours or whether it needs to be a customised colour? Simply fill in the following form as fully and clearly as you can and send it to us. We will then contact you to discuss a customised quotation.

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