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Service Solutions

Service Solutions


Manufacturing decor paper somehow isn’t enough for us. We feel compelled to offer you more in the way of service, too. You’ll notice this the first time you speak to us, and when you talk to our sales force or technical personnel.


Though we belong to the Felix Schoeller Group, we’re still a true family-run company that attaches enormous importance to having satisfied customers. You, our customer, are our partner and we want to understand you and your needs, which is why we listen so closely when you speak. Besides our customers, our co-workers and vendors value our dedication, honesty and friendly demeanour. Regardless of order volume, all receive the same friendly and attentive treatment. Don’t expect to have the same company contact, expect at least three. And expect to get more from Technocell Dekor – always.

Our teams have little personnel turnover, so they’re nearly permanent and they consist of individuals from different departments, including administration, technical staff and sales. You’ll find each individual’s knowledge is not limited to the area in which he or she specialises. For instance, you’ll be surprised at the technical knowledge of our sales staff. Or by what our engineers tell you about efficiency and profitability.

It’s the only way to competently answer questions and resolve problems quickly. And it’s the only way we can be sure you receive the support you need in every project phase. For example, in determining and making modifications to how the paper runs in your production and how it performs in subsequent operations. These things require us to work in close cooperation with you. Gladly on your premises.

    Technology advice

    At Technocell Dekor we support our customers with the most important raw material we possess, our deep-rooted understanding of decor papers and their conversion. Our engineers and technologists are on the spot whenever it is a matter of optimising our papers’ runnability properties and their subsequent converting for an individual customer. Should any hurdles in the converting process occur, we provide assistance rapidly and without red tape. Wherever our customers rely on technological experience with decor papers, you can count on us to be on the spot – anywhere in the world.


    As suppliers, we offer our customers a direct interface with the heart of our ERP system: myTechnocell.com. All registered users call up any data relevant to the order in an instant: order overviews, process order queues, stock levels or open item lists. They can also download sales documents, access quality data and call off rolls online. This makes the whole process of placing, managing and invoicing orders not only more transparent but also significantly faster and more efficient.

    Key facts:

    • Customer portal with live and guest access
    • Password-protected login 
    • Direct access with authorised-user profiles 
    • System in four languages: German, English, French, Spanish 
    • SAP AG’s ERP system: SAP R/3 Release mySAP ERP 2004; SAP ITS; SAP Enterprise Portals

    Key functions:

    • Order overviews
    • Process order queues
    • Stock levels
    • Open item lists 
    • Sales document download
    • Quality data
    • Online roll call-offs
    • Exchange and storage of information and documents

    Decor paper analysis

    The different elements of our decor paper analysis service have proved their worth time and again in product development and problem solving. For example, we have our own systems for performing REM imaging, IR and NIR spectroscopy, image and fibre analyses and chemical analyses. We use the information gained in this way to, among other things, modify a (paper) product’s individual characteristics, improve the quality of our papers or overcome hurdles in the converting process. We are also part of a network, working closely with other experts and institutes to ensure we incorporate external know-how.

    The procedures we use include:

    • REM imaging
    • Various oscillation spectrometry methods (e.g. IR and NIR)
    • Surface topography (macroplan analysis)
    • Image analysis (e.g. NBF, MDA, printed dot array)
    • Microscopic imaging
    • Chemical analyses
    • Fibre material analyses
    • Paper tests

    RFID-based ERP systems

    Technocell Dekor is the first decor paper manufacturer to supply all of its rolls of paper fitted with RFID transponders. They store specific product data (e. g. roll number, weight and customer-specific information) and are scanned by antennae when goods are booked in or dispatched. This facilitates automatic control of material flows and the activation of the printing machine or impregnation trough. Felix Schoeller Supply Chain Technologies – one of the Group’s subsidiaries – and all its expertise is available to assist us and our customers in developing and running RFID-based ERP systems.