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Why Felix Schoeller

The Felix Schoeller Group is:

  • a global company which perceives change as an opportunity.
  • a family-owned business where the  owners feel deeply committed to the company’s long-term success
  • a company that aims at long-term economic success and management of employees in a way that values them. This has been laid down in a mission statement.
  • a successful symbiosis of family-owned company (short decision-making pathways, actions that are consistent and intended to be sustainable in the long term, social partnership) and corporate structure (global market leader, internationality, modern management tools).

The Felix Schoeller Group offers:

  • attractive markets and products which provide technical / technological and business challenges and therefore generate a purpose and joy from work.
  • their customers the promise to supply the highest quality in all products and processes. This results in corresponding investments, processes, work equipment and working conditions.
  • naturally the use of wage agreements and an intensive social partnership with the IGBCE union and the works councils.
  • in many areas, salaries above the level of the wage agreement.
  • variable profit-sharing for all employees.
  • a sustainable demographic concept with the following components

    • workplace health management
    • support of part-time work
    • company-subsidised pension plan
    • additional semi-retirement
    • flexible working hours models.

  • a policy of regular and open communication and information provision.
  • a uniform management concept, recorded in management principles.
  • proven personnel instruments, such as structured staff appraisals.
  • a modern personnel development that promotes continuous learning and an agile learning culture with tailor-made presence and online offerings for all employees.
  • high level of employee loyalty resulting in a very low staff turnover.
  • global employment opportunities.
  • certified quality and environmental management systems.