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The Felix Schoeller Group is a family-owned company with around 130 shareholders. All shareholders are descendants in the 4th, 5th or 6th generation of our founder Felix Hermann Maria Schoeller or Hugo Albert Schoeller. Here you can experience more about the individual management generations and their outstanding achievemets.

    Generation 1

    • 1895 – 1907Felix Hermann Maria Schoeller


    • Company founded by Felix Hermann Maria Schoeller


    Generation 2

    • 1906 – 1925Felix Heribert Schoeller

    • 1911 – 1957Lothar Schoeller

    • 1913 – 1965Gerhard Schoeller


    • Mill acquired and developed after the early death of his father
    • Purchase of Paper Machine Four
    • Baryte coating plant and paper coating set up
    • Adaptation of photochemistry from daylight development to the needs of “development papers”
    • Change of the raw materials basis from rags to highly refined pulp
    • Overcoming of the after-effects of two world wars


    Generation 3

    • 1949 – 1971Klaus Schoeller

    • 1949 – 1971Felix Richard Schoeller

    • 1931 – 1964Gert Schoeller

    • 1970 – 1984Dr. Walter von Meer

    • 1964 – 1979Hans-Georg Gallenkamp


    • Entry into the E-photo papers market
    • Continuous structural expansion of and technical innovation in the company together with an increase in productivity
    • Installation of Paper Machine Five
    • Introduction of polyethylene coating
    • Founding and economic establishment of the subsidiary in Pulaski/USA
    • Investment in the Hugo Albert Schoeller fine paper mill “Neumühl” in Düren and construction there of Paper Machine Six


    Generation 4

    • 1980 – 2006Hans Michael Gallenkamp


    • Installation of Paper Machine 1 as the highest-performance machine worldwide for photo base paper
    • Becomes global market leader for photo base papers
    • Gains ISO 9001 certification
    • Purchase of mills in Penig and Weißenborn, Saxony, and of Technocell AG’s production facilities; purchase of Glory Mill/UK
    • Conversion of Paper Machine 5 into the highest-performance paper machine in the world for white decor paper
    • Introduction of modern planning and management systems and methods of human resources management and development
    • Implementation of diversification and innovation strategies to secure the existence of the company


    Generation 5

    • Since 2012Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp


    • CEO since July 2018 and CEO/CSO since January 2020 of the Felix Schoeller Group
    • Expansion of the division Technocell as a sustainable business area of the Felix Schoeller Group
    • Further development of Lean Management and implementation of Lean-Six-Sigma
    • Completion of the integrated management system by implementing ISO 50001 for an all-in-system (9001, 14001, 18001 and 50001).

    Außerhalb der Familie

    • 1996-2018Dr. Bernhard Klofat


    • First CEO from outside the family
    • Restructuring of the company after huge downturn on the market for photo base papers as a result of digital photography
    • Further diversification of the product portfolio into the areas release liners, digital media, packaging and nonwoven papers