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Process know-how

Process know-how

1. Production process

By combining all production steps under one roof, the Felix Schoeller Group offers its customers unique flexibility. These processes include paper making, extrusion coating, coating, i.e. coating with aqueous layers, and converting. Depending on the project requirement, our customers, become involved in the individual substeps. The Felix Schoeller Group produces all intermediate products itself and is therefore not dependent on suppliers.

The benefits our customers gain through our production process are:

  • Short delivery times
  • Short development times
  • Integrated solutions, from paper making through to converting and sales
  • Individual concepts for particular problems, enquiries or stages in the value added chain
  • Excellent advice and service along the whole supply chain

2. Lean Management

Lean Management – an important building block for the Felix Schoeller Group
In 2011 the Felix Schoeller Group was one of the first in the paper industry which adopted Lean Management. The primarily aim is to avoid waste in terms of stock, waiting times and unnecessary movement. Responsibility and decisions are assigned to the offices or locations that have the required expertise.

Felix Schoeller Group has set out on an exciting and long journey: at each site, Lean Champions have been appointed and trained and concern themselves almost exclusively with the issue of Lean Management. In addition, with Dr. Annegret Knittel, a person chiefly responsible for the overall issue of Lean Management has been made a firm fixture of the company. Dr. Knittel is in charge of the central and cross-mill issues, coordinates the Lean Champions and is also responsible for their training.

Lean Management is an essential component of the Felix Schoeller Group’s Focus-on-Excellence Initiative

The Felix Schoeller Group sees Lean Management as a method of process optimization from receipt of the order through to the invoicing. In the central sectors the optimized processes have to be integrated in the daily business. At the heart of this there is not only process improvement but also the critical examination of information flows of all employees involved in the process. In 2014 we started with Six Sigma as one component of Lean Management: analytical and statistical methods are used to identify, eliminate, and minimize fluctuations in the production and business processes by discovering the failure causes. Dr. Knittel summarizes the achievements as follows: “We are not finished yet, but we will never be, as it is a continuous improvement process. We still have numerous potentials. But the Lean Learning Journeys show that we already can compete today. There are sectors in which we are already as good as the Best-Practice-Partners of the external Lean Learning Journeys. “

Statements by the Lean Champions of the Felix Schoeller Group:

“Every working area is characterized by wastes. With the introduction of Lean Management, the possibility to recognize und avoid wastes was given to each employee.”

“Finally overview!”

“Searching for tools becomes unnecessary!” 

“By applying Lean Management in the company there arises a win-win situation: more insight and comprehension into the process, while eliminating friction points and wastes at the same time!”

“As a lean champion I have the opportunity to sustainable establish something positive for the company and the employees.”

“Lean means for us: customer first.
The customer is the base of all our efforts: competitive products, short cycle times, uncompromising quality.”