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Product know-how

Product know-how

Photographic and Digital printing papers

We offer premium media for all digital printing technologies. With a variety of products and brands, we present solutions for inkjet (waterbased, solvent, latex, UV), electrophotographic and Highspeed-Inkjet systems. In addition we offer a customized product development for the printing technologies silver halide and dye sublimation.

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Release liners

We offer paper-based and PE-coated barrier solutions for self-adhesive products

  • Base papers and polymer-coated papers
  • Silicon-coated papers

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Paper composites

The major advantage of the Felix Schoeller papers are the partly transparent areas created by using LaserCut®.

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Decor papers

Technocell Dekor offers the widest product portfolio available on the market. For example, our in-house developments RSP® (resin saving papers) and PRIP® (pre-impregnated papers) have set market standards.

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Our high-quality coated and uncoated non woven papers are used by our customers for non woven wallpapers and non woven lining papers.

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