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Production know-how

Production know-how

Our state-of-the-art machine park, combined with our development and process know-how, is the basis for core competencies and skills which our customers can access:

These are:



    We have a wide range of skills when it comes to the production of specialty papers:

    • Imaging papers
    • Decor papers 
    • Technical papers

    Competence and Capability profile:

    • Very uniform cross profiles (area mass, thickness, moisture content, compression)
    • High surface quality, good printability and low two-sidedness 
    • High compression
    • Very good formation
    • Control of longitudinal-transverse ratio
    • Control of porosity
    • Very good flatness and dimensional stability
    • High pigment concentrations (up to 40%) 
    • Setting of opacity 
    • High product purity (photo cleanliness) 
    • Colour setting from high white to black 
    • Very small batches 
    • Lightfastness 
    • Scale-up of the pilot machine
    Key data:

    10 machines at 7 sites
    Grammages of 30-260g/m²
    Impregnation, coating using coating units
    Reel widths up to 4.62m

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    We coat substrates with a variety of thermoplastics as a standard:

    • PE 
    • PP 
    • PET

    Competence and Capability profile:

    • Paper, film as substrates
    • Different polymers (LD/HDPE, PP, PET, PMP, PVA, PLA, dyes, fillers …) 
    • Tandem extrusion
    • Co-extrusion 
    • Back side printing
    • Aqueous coating of functional layers (front side and back side) 
    • Single or double sided silicon coating
    • Lamination
    • Extrusion of very thin layers (up to 1µm) 
    • Very good coating profiles in longitudinal and transverse directions (< 1g/m² variance)
    • 100% inspection in real time 
    • Scale-up from trial extruder
    Key data:

    6 machines at 2 sites 
    Coating widths of 0.9m- 1.95m 
    Substrates of 30g/m² to 300g/m²
    Thermoplastic coatings of 2g/m² to 60g/m²
    Functional coatings of 0.1-2g/m²

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    We coat a variety of substrates with aqueous coating solutions:

    • Inkjet papers
    • Functional coatings 
    • etc

    Competence and Capability profile:

    • Aqueous coatings
    • Coating of a wide variety of web-like substrates (papers, films etc.)
    • Dispersion manufacturing from nanoscale powders
    • Simultaneous multi-layer coating using curtain coating technology
    • Slot die, meyer bar, blade and  gravure roll coating systems
    • Inline dosing of critical components
    • Very good coating profiles in machine and cross direction
    • High resolution drying for sensitive coatings (temperature/air velocity/humidity)
    • Drying under cleanroom conditions
    • 100% inspection in real time
    • Scale-up from pilot coater using own product introduction group
     Key data:

    4 coating lines at the Weiβenborn site 
    Coating widths: 0.9-1.95m 
    Coat weights: approx. 3-300g/m² wet
    Dryer technology: air flotation dryer, arch dryer

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    At our sites in Weissenborn (GER) and Pulaski (USA) we cut all standard sheet sizes and roll configurations and pack and ship them according to the requirements of the respective customer group and application.

    Rewinding & slitting

    • 3 highly efficient roll to roll rewinders
    • Roll widths from 4" to 76"
    • Roll OD up to 50"
    • Tuck start, tape to core and specialty solutions, such as banderoling or cushion cores
    • Rewinding & slitting of the most demanding substrates, such as 2-side silicone coated, canvas or high-gloss papers

    Collating & assembly

    • 3 collating lines with up to 32 pockets for a large variety of assembly options
    • In-line manual packing options for highest flexibility
    • In-line fully automated bagging for highest output
    • Additional automatic feeders for added flexibility
    • Large variety of formats and substrate materials


    • 5 fully automated sheeting lines
    • Various cutting technologies such as guillotine, dual rotary or fixed bed rotary
    • Formats from as small as 3 x 5" up to 13 x 19"
    • For the most demanding substrates such as photographic paper, canvas or film


    • Multiple manual packing lines, either integrated with sheeting or stand-alone
    • Various fully automated packing lines from pouching to full wallet loading and assembly
    • Fully automated shipping box assembly and filling with various formats
    • Overall 7 manufacturing lines that can meet the packaging needs for a large variety of products and markets

    Mini roll winding

    • 2 fully automated high efficiency mini roll converting lines
    • Roll width from 16" to 72" on 2" & 3" cores sizes
    • Tuck or tape start, tape or banderole closure
    • Variety of packing options to service the large format printing needs


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