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In our organisation, the customer service and production scheduling departments make sure that the sales team and production department work in close tandem at all times. An international team looks after business across the entire group and is also responsible for other areas such as supply chain monitoring, customs arrangements and other legal issues.

The team’s primary goal is to ensure optimum performance on delivery and customer communications and to take a pro-active approach to inventory management to ensure all our customers can count on us as a reliable supplier. Combining this with making sure we are able to respond to changes at short notice presents a particular challenge when it comes to managing the flow of materials and information along the value chain.

We use a modern stable IT infrastructure across our global operations to help us meet that challenge. It is based on SAP R/3, Microsoft CRM and various systems that collect and manage our production department’s operations data. If we have to deal with complex individual requests, we can provide the necessary information through our Internet portal and directly involve our customers and suppliers.

We use the following tools to support transparency and efficiency in the supply chain:

  • Modern, stable IT infrastructure and systems based on SAP R/3, Microsoft CRM, virtualisation, Citrix, and a secure MPLS WAN.
  • Integrated supply chain management from order and production department through to certified quality assurance, order tracking, call offs, delivery, delivery notification and transmission of production, quality and process data. Functions and information are provided to the customer via an online portal.
  • A link between customer and supplier systems designed to automate our supply chain processes.
  • RFID technology to monitor and control internal processes and support our customers’ processes as they convert our products.

As well as internal cockpits, we also use regular meetings and post-project reviews with our customers to get first-hand feedback and identify potential for improvement.  Based on this information, we continually optimise our processes to make sure we are prepared for new challenges and changes in the market and can offer our customers rapid and flexible solutions.