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True partnership

True partnership

As a provider of specialty papers, we also draw nourishment from the stimuli that we receive through our customers. And our strength is being able to identify the signs of the market in good time. Every one of our products is the response to a specific customer need. Every order, for us, is an exciting task which allows us to grow and develop further. From these insights, we are also able to constantly widen our product portfolio.

If there is no suitable solution yet, then we develop it. This is surely a reason why we have partnerships with many of our customers that go back several decades. You know that we always make just as much effort as on the first day.

Types of partnership

1. Development partnership:

  • Manufacture / production in line with customer-specific wishes = Customer Developed Solutions
  • Development cooperation on an equal footing = Joint Product Development
  • Innovation-driven, in-house development

2. Product partnership:

  • Parts of information with respect to product quality
  • Transparency of cost structures (Open Book)

3. Production partnership:

  • Joint optimisation through transparent examination of production flows at the mills (Open Factory)