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Employee statements

Employee statements

Our brand promise to our customers “Best Performing Papers. Worldwide.” is also an in-house obligation and guiding principle for every one of our employees.

  • Fred Lerche

    Fred Lerche Production Foreman in Osnabrück

  • Dirk Hörnschemeyer

    Dirk Hörnschemeyer Product Manager, Osnabrück

  • Lea Droste

    Lea Droste Apprentice, Osnabrück

  • Dr. Andreas Overberg

    Dr. Andreas Overberg Research & Development

  • Kwong Li

    Kwong Li Area Sales Manager, Hong Kong

Fred Lerche

What does “Best Performing Papers. Worldwide.” mean for you personally?

For me, it means that the papers we produce at Felix Schoeller or Technocell are of a high standard when it comes to quality and that in the Production department we do everything to produce the papers in such a way that all quality criteria are fulfilled so as to achieve high customer satisfaction. If there are fluctuations in the quality, we address these in production and try to eliminate the causes and continually improve our quality performance. I therefore don’t see complaints as negative criticism but rather as an incentive to become better and hence achieve the “Best”.

What do you, in your role / department, contribute to this?

As a production foreman, I contribute to the brand promise by motivating my employees to give their best, and try together with them to maintain and improve the good standard.

Dirk Hörnschemeyer

What does “Best Performing Papers. Worldwide.” mean for you personally?

"Best Performing Papers. Worldwide." means for me, in the segments I look after as product manager, producing papers with unique properties that represent the best solutions on the market in a consistently high quality.

What do you, in your role / department, contribute to the brand promise?

My role lies in estimating current and future market demands and developing products that are clearly geared towards the needs of our customers and which give them the opportunity to tap into new markets.
I look after the Commercial Printing segment, and I develop papers for high-speed inkjet printing, among other things.
On this market, up until a few years ago, it was mainly uncoated, lightly satinated paper that was used. This was primarily aimed at transactional printing and worked well with the printing technology used at the time.
Nowadays, printing quality has improved markedly and the market has become more differentiated in terms of the applications used and, as a result, the quality required. Now, for example, beautifully finished papers with a very smooth surface and a special feel are also used.
The market for digital inkjet applications can be compared to a pyramid comprising four levels:
at the top of the pyramid are the high-speed marketing applications, which we serve with the paper ranges from the JET-SPEED master series. Below this are the brochures, colour books and catalogues for which we are currently developing products. On the third level, where trans-promo and mailing applications are the main product, we offer our JET-LINE sense papers. The lowest level comprises transactional applications, for which our JET-LINE base papers are designed.
Our aim is to offer solutions for each of these levels that satisfy the specific quality requirements as completely as possible and therefore give our customers the opportunity to use their machinery for a wide range of applications, enabling them to enter new markets.

What specific measures/projects have you got on at the moment in relation to “Best Performing Papers. Worldwide.”?

We showcased our JET-LINE sense product at the Hunkeler Innovation Days very recently. Not only does it have excellent printing characteristics, but it also has a particularly silky feel.
Our product therefore gives print shops the opportunity to create high-quality prints with a unique surface on their high-speed inkjet equipment too.

Lea Droste

What does “Best Performing Papers. Worldwide.” mean for you personally?

For me “Best-Performing Papers - Worldwide” is about being able to deliver the best possible quality on time and keeping our customers happy. I try to make this promise an integral part of my work - which means maintaining high-level performance at all times to ensure that I contribute to the success of the company as a whole.
I believe that as a trainee it is particularly important to get to know as many different areas of the company as possible because that gives you a better understanding of how the business works. The wide range of in-house professional development courses has also given me the opportunity to get to know other areas of the company that were not part of my initial tour of the different departments.

What do you, in your role / department, contribute to the brand promise?

My three-year dual integrated study programme involves study blocks in university and practical blocks in which I spend longer stretches of time in the company. In this way I get an insight into the different departments within the Felix Schoeller Group and a good sense of what goes on in each of the individual departments and how they relate to each other. During my stints at the Institut für Duale Studiengänge at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences in Lingen I learn the theory that I am later able to apply within the company in order to effectively support the different departments. This is the ideal preparation I need to be able to take the brand promise “Best-Performing Papers - Worldwide” forward into the future.

What specific measures/projects have you got on at the moment in relation to “Best Performing Papers. Worldwide.”?

I am currently helping out in the HR department where I am gaining insight into the vast area that is human resources and just now learning specifically about recruitment. I have been allowed to help preselect the new trainees and I support colleagues in HR in running the recruitment day for trainees. I have also worked in conjunction with other trainees to set up the "Osnabrück buddy system" in the Felix Schoeller Group. Under this scheme, school students on work placement have a trainee in the company assigned to look after them as their “placement buddy.” The buddy supports the student throughout their placement in the company. Even before the placement begins, the buddy gets in touch with the student coming to the company on work placement so that they have fewer inhibitions and insecurities on their first day.
The aim of this project is to reduce the workload of the trainers in the different departments and ensure the students on work placement are looked after as well as possible. Our contact with the students gives us trainees the opportunity to paint as accurate and interesting a picture of what it is like training with the Felix Schoeller Group and this in turn goes towards ensuring that the brand promise is safeguarded in the future.

Dr. Andreas Overberg

What does “Best Performing Papers. Worldwide.” mean for you personally?

Our brand promise “Best Performing Papers. Worldwide.” is for me a commitment and a direction. A brand promise is, as the word makes clear, a promise, i.e. “Best Performing Papers. Worldwide.” is for me a promise of quality, an assurance of quality towards our customers which we consistently want to keep. A promise is a promise!
In addition, “Best Performing Papers. Worldwide.” is a clear goal and thus a very good focus for our everyday work in developing substrates and new products.

What do you, in your role/department, contribute to the brand promise?

The work in the R&D Substrates department is shaped by the values of the brand promise.
  1. 1. Partnership: our projects are predominantly carried out in very close collaboration with our customers. Here, direct, open communication is very important so as to understand the customers’ wishes fully and optimally meet their requirements. 
  2. 2. Flexibility: the high degree of vertical integration which we provide at Felix Schoeller when it comes to our production units is also encountered in the R&D Substrates department. We have both experts for the individual production steps and paper production, extrusion coating, coating of functional layers and for the application of our products. We are well-prepared to respond to the individual requirements of our customers and can quickly produce new product designs since we can respond in each stage of production. 
  3. 3. Quality: the description of the project aim always illustrates the quality aims of our customers. Only once these have been achieved do we pass the products to Production. This ensures that both the production process and the product quality are clearly defined and safely achieved.

What specific measures/projects have you got on at the moment in relation to “Best Performing Papers. Worldwide.”?

This question is difficult to answer. Ultimately we are guided by “Best Performing Papers. Worldwide.” in all projects. But part of a trusting partnership is also that we don’t speak about specific customer projects. What is certain is that in all areas, we work on new products and develop our skills so that we can continue to keep our brand promise again and again.

Kwong Li

What does “Best Performing Papers. Worldwide.” mean for you personally?

As a papermaker, it’s our passion to make value added products that best fit the customer’s specific needs. It is my honor to be part of this company, and I’m proud to represent our products in the market and be treated as our customer’s reliable supplier and business partner.

What do you, in your role / department, contribute to the brand promise?

My daily interactions and communications in the market will be directly reflecting the quality of business operation at Felix Schoeller. My individual industry knowledge and understanding of internal capability is perceived by our customer as company’s competences; therefore it’s critical that I’ll dedicate the highest level of professionalism to consult our customers regarding our products and service solutions. My responsibility of business development for Felix Schoeller Release in Asia will be aiming to demonstrate to the industry that we are truly the supplier of best performing papers and that we have consistency of performance worldwide.

What specific measures/projects have you got on at the moment in relation to “Best Performing Papers. Worldwide.”?

Currently at the Felix Schoeller Release Asia team, we are:
1) defining and developing collaboration projects with complete Felix Schoeller solutions for Global Industry Leaders which allow them to design and produce products that perform best for their designed application.
2) working with new customers and their industrial applications aiming to introduce Felix Schoeller Release as a reliable and sustainable supplier of release liners.
3) establishing internal infrastructures & capabilities to further enhance the effectiveness of business development in Asia.