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Business philosophy

Business philosophy

The Felix Schoeller Group has been family-owned since the day it was founded in 1895. Preserving our independence was enshrined as one of key objectives in the guiding principles we developed in 2012.

For that reason, long-term success is more important to us than short-term maximisation of profit. Internal and external reliability and fairness, along with the high quality of our products, are essential factors in keeping our business partners happy. They are also the basis of our success.

We invest in our future. Our investments focus not only on asset maintenance but also on building our business and implementing our energy strategy.                                            

Alongside the long-standing partnerships with our customers that are based on mutual understanding and trust, we also maintain close relationships with our social partners. We involve our works council as early as possible in all developments and decisions relevant to the company. Regular meetings with the works council’s different committees foster close communication and we also bring representatives of IG BCE - the trade union which is most relevant to us - into that communication process.