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Co Partner of Team Deutschland

As of July 2013, the Felix Schoeller Group is official co partner of Team Deutschland - the German Olympic team.

The Osnabrück-based specialty paper manufacturer already successfully supported the team as official premium paper partner on their way to Sochi 2014, Rio 2016 as well as Pyeongchang 2018. The Felix Schoeller Group was happy to to be able to support with its high-quality paper products to record the most important moments of the German athletes. The Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo (Japan) will also be powered by the top papers of Felix Schoeller.

“As a co partner, we are proud to join with other successful German companies such as Adidas, Toyota, the Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband, DB Schenker and Lufthansa in supporting Team Deutschland. With our premium papers for photos, posters, photo books, brochures, invitations and surface design we would like to give the German Olympic Sports Confederation (Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund, DOSB) the opportunity to print its PR material on paper worthy of the world’s greatest sporting event. We would also, above all, like to give the athletes the opportunity to use our quality papers to capture for posterity their unforgettable moments during and after the Olympics in their own individual and emotional way using the full range of formats and applications available,” – said Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp, CEO/CSO of the Felix Schoeller Group.

With the start of the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, the athletes also presented their new name and logo with a clear attitude to the 23rd Olympic Winter Games. Team D (Team Deutschland) is the new trademark of the German Olympic athletes.


    As one of the hidden champions of the specialty paper industry, we are looking to use selected platforms to demonstrate the value of our products. The Olympic Games are second to none in creating moments and memories that touch people. We can use something like a printed photo, poster, or photo book to share our magic moments, give them to someone else as a gift and re-create them in our minds as often as we like, making time stand still for a moment or turning it back. A superb paper printed with an unforgettable personal moment gives us an incomparable hands-on sense of what the actual experience felt like. In this way, our products create the basis for good photography and for capturing moments of happiness.

    In our commitment to support the German Olympic team, we have found an area where we can make a non-monetary donation of something that is both relevant and of great value in the form of our paper products. This is a reflection of our philosophy of true partnership – one of our three brand values – which is how we at the Felix Schoeller Group see our commitment: it is not just about sponsorship, but true partnership.

    Particularly in these times in which we are witnessing the rise of digital printing, numerous new and exciting applications for our premium papers are emerging.


    Over 120 years of experience have made Felix Schoeller the world market leader in the photo imaging technologies inkjet, silver halide and thermal transfer; every other printed photo in the world is printed on a Felix Schoeller product. You have no doubt also got a photo printed on one of our papers in a shoebox or photo album or on a wall at home. 
    We have brought our know-how and high quality standards into the digital future: we supply the growing digital printing segment with high-end specialty paper. To do this, we combine the best properties of image printing paper and conventional photo paper to produce unique solutions. 
    Our E-PHOTO® paper is a premium digital printing paper that has won many awards; it has the look and feel of genuine photo paper, but also has numerous advantages such as water and dirt resistance and outstanding folding and creasing properties. Completely individual customisation is possible even for print runs of one. E-PHOTO® was specially designed for photo and portrait applications and will in future be used by German Sport Marketing GmbH and the athletes of Team Deutschland.

    Click here to learn more about our E-PHOTO® papers.


    All products made by the Felix Schoeller Group are best on the principle of the best possible performance (brand value: “uncompromising quality”) combined with a way of treating our stakeholders that is based on partnership, fairness and integrity (“true partnership”). For more information about our brand promise click  here.

    Unlike many other companies in the industry, the Felix Schoeller Group has succeeded in remaining a family business for 120 years and maintaining a business policy that centres on values and sustainability. We are proud of being a German company steeped in tradition and put our philosophy on quality - “Made in Germany” - into practice at all our sites.

    The Felix Schoeller Group regularly produces outstanding performances and sets world records: currently, our PM1 at the Osnabrück mill is the world’s largest paper machine. At our Weissenborn site, Coater 6 is the most efficient coater in the world for imaging papers, delivering the widest range of coating options.

    Like no other event in the world, the Olympics combine precisely these philosophies: striving for excellence in line with their motto “faster, higher, stronger” and respecting the spirit of friendship and fair play as expressed in the Olympic creed as “the most important thing … is to take part” – and they do so on a global scale.

    That is why the German Olympic team ideally embodies the philosophical principles of the Felix Schoeller brand and conveys our brand promise “Best-Performing Papers - Worldwide” emotionally and authentically.


    Since the company was founded in Osnabrück in 1895, i.e. a year after the Olympic movement was instigated by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the Felix Schoeller Group - as a result of striving for excellence and developing innovative products - worked its way up the ranks to become the world market leader in the imaging and decor industry. German engineering excellence and product quality “Made in Germany” played a crucial role in this.

    Today’s German participants in the Olympics have also been pursuing their Olympic dream since childhood and are working with great dedication to make that dream come true. To date, German athletes have been able to win 1726 Olympic medals: 564 gold, 580 silver and 582 bronze. This puts the German Olympic team in third place in the all-time Olympic medal rankings.

    We are looking forward to many more outstanding performances and to seeing them captured on our high-quality premium papers.