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Maximum performance, maximum success

Why Felix Schoeller and Project 1 are running together.

For over 120 years, the Felix Schoeller Group has performed successfully on the market circuit. Being a family-owned company with clear-cut values and principles has helped catapult us to our market’s pole position. We’re proud of our people, our customers and our products. They’re the ones who have made our promise “Best Performing Papers. Worldwide.” possible. Thanks to the outstanding performance of our people, our customers receive maximum benefits from using our papers - and maximum success in their markets.

In our endeavour to remain at the head of the pack, we never shrink from trying new and sometimes unconventional ways of doing things. The Felix Schoeller Group and the Project 1 team cooperation is an example. For both, it’s about delivering the best performance. And both have the same recipe for success. On the following pages, you’ll learn about that recipe. The Project 1 team captured first place worldwide, and the Felix Schoeller Group became the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty papers by following this recipe.

Performance needs ...

What is the recipe for success Project 1 and the Felix Schoeller Group are following?

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Project examples

Some examples of how Project 1 is using papers by Felix Schoeller for their promotion activitities.

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