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Between victory and defeat just air

It's all down to measurements, checks and calculations.

Getting it right means doing it again. And again.

Project 1 checks everything for regulation compliance before, during and after races.

Racetracks are divided into three sectors for which data is gathered with each lap. The information flows into the preparation, with the mechanics making chassis adjustments to fine-tune the Porsche for optimum performance on the track. Other key details include tyre pressure, handled by the tyre technician, and engine performance, which, although the engines are high-precision, can have fluctuations of several horsepower. According to regulations, each vehicle must be within a specified height and weight. Lightweight drivers’ cars carry lead in the passenger seat to increase weight. Officials check the first three grid positions for compliance.

Leave nothing to chance!

When manufacturing paper, customer specifications determine the parameters for the individual manufacturing stages. From pulp to roll winding, everything is specifically defined to the last and smallest details. Specific tolerances apply based on our principal raw material, which is pulp, a natural product. We have clearly defined, mandatory specifications for paper formulations and machine settings.

In addition, there are corrective workflow procedures for deviations that permit the quick rectifying of problems. Shift supervisors decide, based on test reports, which goods are acceptable and which require further examination.

Our 100% in-line electronic paper machine, extruder and coater monitoring is more adept than the human eye at detecting problems. Products don’t leave the factory, however, until our experts have given them the green light.