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The best at what they do

Project 1's team is professional in every respect. Together, they are a formidable contender on the track. In the final race of the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany at Hockenheimring 2017 the team won the team title of the championship.



Patrick Petter, Pascal Petter, Frank Staas, Andreas Fiebig and their team know the race cars better than the contents of their own pockets. “Peppi” Petter is the first man on the vehicle and he has the final say before the start. His brother Pascal Petter is responsible for the technical application of the Porsche Caymann GT4 Clubsport. Frank Staas is an old hand at Project 1 and involved in the team for over 10 years. Andreas Fiebig ensures a trouble-free transport and the entire logistics.


Richard Selwin

If you award passion for automobiles to one nation, than there is to be mentioned Great Britain. Therefore, Richard is the example. As a student he was present on the different race tracks of the United Kingdom. There he set the foundation for his career, which the former iSport (GP2-Team) engineer continues. With his enormous experience he supports the team and passes it on to young talents. Thereby, he always radiates serenity and security. It is obvious: this man knows what he is doing. In 2016, he accompanies the whole season of the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland and was involved in the success and the development of the young drivers significantly. 


Marcel Jürgens-Wichmann

In 2017, the young man of Gießen passed his second season as crew chief. After a phase of learning and training he has the overall responsibility for the team. He is not just a lateral entrant but also the youngest crew chief in the history of the brand cup. He is a realist and nothing can bring him out of balance. Moreover, he enjoys a high reputation in the team and among colleagues.   


Axel Funke

Axel is infatuated with improving processes. He analyses everything about people and technical equipment - everything that is collectable and which allows observation. His foresightedness ideally equips him to be the mastermind behind FTRC’s strategy.