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Be first. Stay first.

How one reaches maximum performance whil still keeping your feet on the ground.

Be cool. Be fast. Be First

Project 1’s slogan expresses its mission.

With over 189 podium appearances to date, the Porsche Cup team is the uncontested number 1 in Porsche Cupsport. In all the major races, including Mobil 1 Supercup, PorscheCarrera Cup Germany, Porsche Sports Cup and Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Middle East, the team has taken the trophies home.

Not wanting to be lonely at the top, the team has dedicated itself to supporting the next generation of drivers, and is establishing a recognised Motorsport Academy, the Fast Track Racing Centre (FTRC). The Academy supports beginners and experienced individuals, providing personal coaching, educational opportunities for professional pilots, promising drivers, engineers, trainers and teams. As in racing, team spirit and cooperation are at the top of the Project 1 team’s list when it comes to the rest of life. And this is the basis for continuing success and ensuring nobody is left behind.



Project 1 took both the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany driver's championship and the Rookie of the Year.

Best performing papers. Worldwide.

For many years, the Felix Schoeller Group has led the race for the title “Best Performing Papers. Worldwide.” Behind the success is a company that is every bit as extraordinary as its products.

As a family-owned and -operated company in the sixth generation, we are aware of the enormous responsibility we have to our customers and employees. Our mission is to deliver the best possible solution to our customers for every application. With know-how, passion, dedication and a wealth of ideas, we create products that make possible the realisation of virtually any imaginable idea in visual communications, and your sustained success.

The formula for our mission’s success is:

  • Uncompromising quality, thanks to our outstanding people and manufacturing processes
  • Unique flexibility to deliver customer-specific solutions
  • Appreciative and ongoing partnering with our customers and stakeholders

We take our mission to be our duty. And it is this that drives us to outperform existing standards and even the highest expectations.




Worldwide, every second printed photograph and 25% of every square foot of laminate flooring is printed on a Felix Schoeller Group product.