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A co-pilot named team spirit

One for all. And all for one.

Every race requires 100% focus by the entire team.

The pressure is enormous and to give 100% you have to know you can count on the others 100%. Usually, the Project 1 team spends breaks in the action at races and in the shop together, gathering strength for the next challenge.

One day every month, the team members meet at their headquarters for lunch where they celebrate the birthdays of members who have them that month. An annual highlight is an end-of-season party, at which they raise their glasses to the past season, but never drink and drive.

When it comes to being a team, Project 1 means business . . .

Regular workshops dealing with specific subjects support and strengthen Project 1’s cohesion. In addition, each is free to contribute at any time ideas, especially ones that motivate the others:

  • Verbal exchange day: On this day, none of the Project 1 team sends emails to the other members, in order to encourage verbal discussion.
  • Solution day: The day on which everyone thinks of ways to resolve issues before they mention them.
  • Attentive day: A day when one is especially thoughtful of the others.

... and at Felix Schoeller

Felix Schoeller also conducts various regular workshops and other helpful events to encourage healthy minds, bodies and team spirit:

  • Performance talks: Daily cockpit meetings in which the shift supervisors and plant managers discuss performance.
  • Exercise programme: Papermaking is not without physical impact. Training with special exercises to address typical and specific therapeutic and preventative needs.
  • Sport groups: From walking to squash and even dragon boat paddling and competition.
  • Common rooms: Places to take a break with others or alone, and share breakfast.
  • International sales conference: Twice a year, the global sales force gets together to plan how to deliver the best performance.