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Six months of testing for just a hundreth of a second on the track

A Porsche is a Porsche, is a high-tech marvel.

Both Project I racing series, Porsche Carrera Cup Germany and Porsche Mobil Supercup I, are driven with the new model Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Typ 911 II since the season 2017.

Porsche manufactures more of these models than any other and most of them see use in the motorsport events mentioned previously. Buyers purchasing the model automatically agree to participate in one of the series as a driver. The Porsche 911 GT3 Cup’s body – like the standard vehicles – rolls off the production line in Stuttgart. However, from there it ships immediately to Porsche Motorsport in Weissach. At Weissach, every Cup auto is carefully fitted with parts specifically designed and crafted for motorsport before its tyres touch the track.

Although the cars are equipped with state-of-the-art materials and components, parts, such as brakes and tyres, wear quickly, depending on the driver and track. As a rule, brake pad sets require replacement after three weekends of racing. Tyres wear even more quickly. Common is four sets of tyres for a weekend of racing.

Car body

  • 1,200 kg, i.e. 68% of the weight of a series-GT3


  • Sequential six-speed gearbox with pneumatic paddle shift


  • 380 mm steel disc with six calipers, six brake pistons and fixed aluminium calipers


  • Roof hatch for emergency rescue
  • Roll cage with fire extinguisher
  • Six-point saftey harness


    • 6-cylinder engine
    • 485 HP / 357 KW

Pit stop

  • Three integral pneumatic chassis jacks for tyre changing and work on car
  • 100 - tank, which uses
    Super Plus 98 octane or higher

An impressive portfolio

Since more than 120 years, the name Felix Schoeller is a symbol for excellent competence in the production of specialty paper. Paper is not just paper for us. Besides our original product, which is photographic paper, we are also specialists in digital printing, nonwovens, release liner and decor papers. This wide scope requires an even wider diversified range of technical equipment. We’re particularly proud of our Porsche: Paper machine PM1. PM1 is the biggest specialty paper machine in the world in respect of its product segments and transfers up to 6,800 DIN-PS via 89 driveshafts and hits 650m/min at top speed.

No less impressive is Coater 6, the world’s largest for imaging paper with a total annual coating output of over 100 million square metres.

Another highlight is our multitalented Extruder 4: a master of many trades, this machine is a tandem extruder, coating both paper sides in a single pass, a print unit for backside logo printing, a film laminating unit capable of covering different materials and a laser cutter.

Last but not least we are very proud of our highly automated full-service converting and packaging device. This device is capable to cut the machine rolls down to any popular paper and film format, for sheet and roll application.

PM1 - Facts and figures

  • Weight: 45,000 metric tonnes
  • Building volume: approx. 72,000 m3
  • Hydraulic lines: approx. 18,000 m
  • Hydraulic fluid and lubricants: 22,900 l
  • Over 20,000 roller bearings, of which 679 are constantly monitored for vibration
  • 124 felt rolls, 50 paper guide rolls and 54 drying cylinders

PM1 - Quality

  • Over 3,000 control systems ensure the quality required by the customers

PM1 - Performance data

  • 89 driveshafts transfer up to 6,800 DIN-PS
  • 75 transmissions with 2 and 3 speeds