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Schoeller Technocell GmbH & Co. KG

Burg Gretesch
49086 Osnabrück
Phone: +49 541 3800-0
Fax: +49 541 3800-425
E-mail: info(at)Felix-Schoeller.com
Register of companies: Amtsgericht Osnabrück
No. of entry in register of companies: HRA 5121
VAT registration no.: DE 117 657 964


represented by:
Schoeller Technocell Verwaltung GmbH
Burg Gretesch
49086 Osnabrück
Phone: +49 541 3800-0
Fax: +49 541 3800-425
E-mail: info(at)Felix-Schoeller.com
Chief Executive Officer: Guido Hofmeyer, Stephan Igel, Georg Haggenmüller, Gerhard Hochstein

Register of companies: Amtsgericht Osnabrück
No. of entry in register of companies: HRA 18866


Concept, editorial and content responsibility:

Felix Schoeller Holding GmbH & Co. KG

Consultancy, design and implementation:

HDNET GmbH & Co. KG, Werther


Schoeller Technocell GmbH & Co. KG offers no warranty that the information on this website is correct or exhaustive. Websites visited by clicking a link on our site are external and we have no responsibility for the content of these sites.

Data privacy:

In cases where our website offers the possibility of entering personal or business data, this data input is entirely voluntary. Schoeller Technocell GmbH & Co. KG uses the data solely for the purpose stated. If necessary entered data will be stored for this purpose. Your details will not be passed on to third parties.


We use the web analytics service of Webtrekk GmbH to collect data about the usage of our website for further optimization. Webtrekk considers the protection of Internet user data privacy to be of utmost importance, and adheres strictly to the data privacy laws of the European Union and Germany.

Some data from website visits is used for our internal analysis. The collection of Internet user data occurs via a pixel that is built into each of the pages of our website.

The following data is collected: 

  • Request (file name of the requested file)
  • Browser type and its version (for example, Mozilla Firefox 33.0, Internet Explorer 10, etc.)
  • Browser language (for example, English)
  • Operating system
  • Browser resolution
  • Screen resolution
  • JavaScript activated: 'Yes' or 'No'
  • Java: 'On' or 'Off'
  • Cookies: 'On' or 'Off'
  • Color depth
  • Referrer URL
  • Shortened IP address for geographical analysis to the city level
  • Timestamp
  • Clicks
  • Plugins
  • Load times
  • Form content: Free text fields such as Name, Email, Account Number and Phone Number are tracked as 'completed' or 'empty'. The actual values are not tracked.

 The IP address is sent with every request, so that the server knows where to send its responses. Webtrekk does not save the IP Address. We immediately shorten the IP address for session recognition and the geographic analyses in our tool. Then we delete the IP address. It is not possible to link our data with any individual person or to identify any individual person with our data. The geographical analyses function via a database that contains the IP address information of various ISPs with the geographic location of the IP address included down to the city level. The individual address of the Internet user is unknown.

The data collected via Webtrekk (incl. your IP address) are sent to a server of Webtrekk in Germany and stored there. Webtrekk is using these data on our account in order to analyze the usage of our website and to put together reports about the website activities. Webtrekk does not pass any data on to third parties unless it is prescribed by law or if third parties are processing these data on account of Webtrekk. Webtrekk will under no circumstances connect your IP address with other data collected by Webtrekk GmbH.

Cookies are small text files set on the hard drive of an Internet user by their browser when they visit a website. Most of the cookies Webtrekk sets are so-called "session cookies". These cookies do not cause any harm to the Internet user’s hard drive and do not contain any viruses. This data cannot be associated with individual people.

We use the following cookies of the Webtrekk GmbH

  • Last click (used for session timeout; duration is a session)
  • Session cookie (used for session recognition; duration is a session)
  • Ever cookie (used for recognition of new and returning visitors; duration is six months)
  • Opt-out-Cookie (used to prevent future tracking of visit data; duration is 5 years)

In your Browser settings, you can determine if cookies may be set or not.

According to the German Media Act §15, Internet users may prohibit the future tracking and storage of their Internet visit data. To be excluded from tracking while on the Webtrekk website, a cookie called webtrekkOptOut can be set from the domain webtrekk.net. This exclusion from tracking is only good so long as the webtrekk OptOut cookie is not deleted.

To prevent further tracking of your activity on this website, please click here.


For marketing and optimization purposes this website uses products and services of Wiredminds (www.wiredminds.de). Here data are collected, processed and stored and eventually user profiles can be generated from these data using a pseudonym. User profiles are completely anonymized when possible and sensible. For this purpose cookies are used. Cookies are small text files saved in your browser to help the website analyze how users use the site and to improve recognition of internet browsers. The collected data, that could also include personal data, are transmitted to wiredminds or collected by wiredminds directly. Wiredminds is allowed to use information generated during visiting a website to generate anonymized user profiles. The information collected shall not be used to personally identify the website visitor without the explicit consent of the person concerned, nor shall it be combined with the personal information of the bearer of the pseudonym. Any IP addresses recorded are anonymized immediately by deleting the last number block. You may opt out of data collection and storage at any time with future effect

Registered trademarks:

The following brands are registered trademarks of the Felix Schoeller Group in several countries:

  • Felix Schoeller®
  • Technocell®
  • SchoellerColor®, SchoellerPrint®
  • myDekor®
  • LFPro®
  • LinerTech®, MetaTech®
  • WindowPaper®
  • PRIP®, RSP®
  • meltogran®
  • p_e:smart®
  • S-RACE®