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A true success story: Sebastian Dietz visits the Pope in Rome as Inclusion Ambassador

The top paralympian and gold-medal-winning discus thrower, Sebastian Dietz, travelled to Rome on 2 September 2015 in his role as Inclusion Ambassador for a special audience with Pope Francis, at which the Flame of Inclusion was blessed. As a sign of true partnership, the Felix Schoeller Group supported Sebastian Dietz on this journey.

A host of paralympians accompanied the “Inclusion Requires Action” team on the Flame of Inclusion’s longest journey to date. They covered the 2,700 km to Rome by bicycle and specially adapted tricycle, riding 80 – 140 km a day. The team had the greatest respect for the Alps, however: not so much for the climbs as for the descents, where very high speeds were reached.

The tour was a great success despite the heat wave and the team even reached their destination a day before their planned arrival. On 2 September 2015 the project leader Karl Grandt and Sven Marx, its ambassador in Berlin, were received by the German Embassy in Rome. Later they rode down the Via della Concilazione – the road that leads directly to St Peter’s Square. There they were applauded and supported by around 10,000 visitors.

Sebastian Dietz was one of those who took part in the special audience, and served as ambassador to have the Flame of Inclusion blessed by the Pope. The Pope spent a long time with the team and showed considerable interest in their fantastic campaign. The torch was even lit during the audience.

In 2016, the torch will begin its travels again: 11,500 km from Siberia to Rio de Janeiro, where in August it will be received by Sebastian Dietz for the Summer Paralympic Games.