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"Der Himmel von Bern" - STYLine as an art project

STYLine wallpapers and their excellent properties are a great success in the “Der Himmel von Bern” project

Felix Schoeller’s new STYLine wallpaper has been used for the first time in a major art project to the east of Bern in Switzerland and has proved that when it comes to digital wallpaper printing the sky is the limit. How apt that the innovative project is called the “Himmel von Bern” (the Bern sky). 

Two Berlin-based artists (BURGHARD, Romy und Stef Richter ) set themselves and their team the task of using photorealistic STYLine wallpaper to create the illusion of vast open space on Freudenbergerplatz in Bern, a cheerless traffic roundabout under a motorway. They managed to instantly transform the grey motorway flyover into a bright sky and create a pleasant atmosphere. The goal of encouraging the residents of Bern to enrol at Freudenberger College was also achieved.

The STYLine wallpapers’ excellent properties played their part in the project’s success: numerous individual lengths of wallpaper were digitally printed and pasted side by side following a predesigned scheme. The wallpaper’s perfect printability and the possibility of pasting it edge to edge were crucial factors in the success. At the same time, the fact that the wallpaper is wipe resistant and water resistant made such an unusual application as this possible. The print was produced on a Xeikon 8100 of the company bw fotosatz gmbh who is well-experienced in printing digital wallpapers.

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