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E-PHOTO® papers and fluorescent inks: A perfect match

Marcin Dabrowski is a paper enthusiast. He spent more than a decade working as a printing technologist and engineer at the HP Indigo Development Center helping designers to fulfill their goals and printers to expand their business. Now he would like to pass on his professional experience to his customers. For best results he uses the E-PHOTO® paper of Felix Schoeller Digital Media.

The work of Marcin Dabrowski is interdisciplinary and combines engineering and art with design. His end customers like art galleries, museums, design studios and printers value high-quality and extravagant printing. This is the reason why the ingenieur pursues the target to support his customers in the relevant steps from the planning to the printing.

According to the principle: “Do what everybody thought is impossible. Do it right. Let’s do it together.” the experienced artist Marcin Dabrowski impresses with extraordinary designs of his individual photographies and uses the E-PHOTO® papers to meet the challenge of retaining the highest quality:“ Since I am working with E-PHOTO® papers from Felix Schoeller Digital Media many years the decision for the right paper for my project was pretty clear. The fluorescent inks look brilliant on this paper,” explains the engineer Marcin Dabrowski.

The E-PHOTO® paper of Felix Schoeller Digital Media functions perfectly with the new fluorescent inks and produce outstanding colourful results. Especially under the irradiation of UV light the colours are shown to their fullest advantage.  The guaranteed look and feel of traditional photographic paper are in favour of the usage of E-PHOTO® papers for professional photo applications. Furthermore, the paper is water and dirt resistant and offers a high whiteness. The trouble-free production with HP Indigo machines is confirmed by the official certification.

For further information about this project please visit the following website: https://emprooveto.pro/ad10/en/

For any queries and expert advice on the E-PHOTO® products, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Brockschmidt, Product Manager (JBrockschmidt(at)Felix-Schoeller.com) who will be happy to help.

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