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Michael Vassiliadis, chairman of the IG BCE trade union, visits the Felix Schoeller Group

Michael Vassiliadis, chairman of the IG BCE trade union, visited the Felix Schoeller Group in Osnabrück during the annual conference of works council representatives.

In his address to the works council representatives, Vassiliadis emphasised the excellent social partnership that Schoeller maintains, involving the trade union, the works council and the company’s management: “Schoeller has a long-standing tradition of reaching mutual agreements, which means that all sides value what they have achieved.” It is all about a dialogue between equals, based on mutual trust, he pointed out. This, he said, is to some extent due to a shared understanding of the company’s future and the need to invest in that future. He stressed the importance of maintaining a culture of talking to each other, which is the central element of a social partnership. Here family businesses, Vassiliadis believes, are in an ideal position to patiently develop and implement strategies, pursue a policy of corporate responsibility and focus on the future. “Being able to talk face to face is good. It enables you to get a multitude of different angles and a more complex understanding of a situation and gives people a different perspective on issues," Vassiliadis explained. A guided tour of the mill rounded off the trade union leader’s visit.