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Say it with colour: six new colours in trend colour collection LEVEL 25

Technocell Dekor presents its updated colour collection for 2018/2019

Released for the first time at Interzum 2017, the LEVEL 25 trend colour collection is now available in an updated version – of course with all the latest trend colours for decorative finishes. Osnabrück-based Technocell Dekor is continuing along its chosen path of presenting the latest colour trends in interior design to its customers at first hand. The latest collection contains six new colours to complement the existing 25. All these trend colours have the advantage that they are available more quickly and on special terms.

The Technocell Dekor team’s colour expertise is the product of decades of experience as one of the market’s leading manufacturers of decor papers. Its unerring sense for international colour trends is based on its experts’ modern know-how. The team uses visits to international trade shows – in the textile and furniture industry, for example – to research and compile impressions for its trend collection. Future trends usually appear very early on in the frontrunner industries – fashion, cosmetics and car manufacturing – which is why Technocell’s colour experts keep a constant eye on them. We also incorporate customer feedback into our trend definitions. “Solutions First” is our brand promise and we put it into action by constantly searching for new solutions for our customers. The LEVEL 25 collection includes some very specific hints about the future of colour, giving our customers the heads up they need. “At the same time, we offer attractive prices and availability for the colours in our trend collection, for which we have very good customer uptake,” explains Frank Meyer-Niehoff, Technocell Dekor’s general manager.

The six new colours with their enticing names – harmonious blue, tender pink, fierce brown, daring blue, craving red, and enchanting green – are beautifully illustrated in an 8-page brochure. It is available for download on our website: www.level-25.com or you can send us an email to: SSchniepp(at)Felix-Schoeller.com

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