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Sebastian Dietz creates magic moments

Following the disabled athlete’s extraordinary performance at the ISTAF athletics meeting, the Felix Schoeller Group ups its level of support Sebastian Dietz.

ISTAF, which took place in Berlin on 1st September 2013, featured an extraordinary scene this year. Sebastian Dietz, a disabled athlete, went head to head for the first time with his non-disabled counterpart Robert Harting – and won the special contest. The finest moments of this event have now been recorded for posterity on specialty papers produced by the Felix Schoeller Group, which was already supporting Sebastian Dietz, supplying him with a set of autograph cards.

When Dietz decided to compete in the discus against multiple champion Robert Harting, not many people would have believed he had much of a chance of success. But the spectators at ISTAF experienced one of those magic moments of sport: Dietz won the contest against his colleague and friend. The contest was based on the average distances of the last five events each athlete had competed in. Whoever was able to surpass these distances more often would win. Dietz pulled that off twice, Harting only once – with the additional consequence that Harting also had to buy the round of drinks that evening.

An athlete with a special message.

The fact that Sebastian Dietz won this personal contest highlights his special personality. The 2012 Paralympics champion has higher goals that go beyond his own personal success: “I want to encourage people to keep going; I want to show them that disability sport is also competitive sport. If I manage to do that I will have achieved a great deal," Dietz explained.

Dietz took a big step towards reaching this goal at ISTAF 2103. For the next event next year a contest has already been announced at which half of the athletes will be disabled and half non-disabled. Sebastian Dietz also received a great deal of respect and recognition from the spectators – illustrated, for example, by the fact that the stock of autograph cards the Felix Schoeller Group gave Dietz just a short time ago, is already in need of replenishing.

The Felix Schoeller Group extends its support for Dietz.

"No problem, of course we will supply more cards", says Florian Murrmann, the Felix Schoeller Group’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, who is also impressed by the disabled athlete’s performance. The next edition of autograph cards will be printed on new, high-quality paper and will feature selected images from ISTAF. Sebastian Dietz’s personal motto is also a must: “No matter what life throws at you, life goes on.”

The Osnabrück-based specialty paper manufacturer has also announced that the magic moments at ISTAF will also be captured for posterity on other media. For example, the Felix Schoeller Group will give Sebastian Dietz large-format photo prints on papers from its particularly high-end canvas series, which not only look outstanding but also have a special feel to them. "We will also give Mr Dietz a personalised photo book made with our premium papers so that he can enjoy the special moments he created at ISTAF in the privacy of his own home," explains Florian Murrmann.

Other opportunities to continue the cooperation that was instigated as part of the Felix Schoeller Group’s commitment as the official premium paper partner of the German Olympic team will arise soon enough: in March 2014, Sebastian Dietz will once more compete at ISTAF Indoor against a world-class non-disabled athlete. Everyone involved at the Felix Schoeller Group is already crossing their fingers for him.