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Sebastian Dietz to travel as ambassador for inclusion to the Pope in Rome

In September, the top paralympian and gold-medal-winning discus thrower, Sebastian Dietz, will travel to Rome in his role as Ambassador for Inclusion. There he will have a special audience with Pope Francis, at which the Flame of Inclusion will be blessed. The project “Inclusion Requires Action” was initiated by Germany’s Inclusion Network “Netzwerk Inklusion Deutschland”.

The torch was first lit by Sebastian Dietz in May 2014 during the inaugural day of action for inclusion in Frankfurt. It met with such a positive resonance and huge interest from the general public that the Flame of Inclusion toured Germany’s state capitals between May and July this year, calling on people to support the idea of inclusion. In Berlin, Sebastian Dietz took on the torch, handing it over to the “Inclusion Requires Action” team.

A host of paralympians are accompanying the “Inclusion Requires Action” team as they prepare for Flame of Inclusion’s longest journey to date. They will cycle for a total of 2,700 km - through Germany, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic and across the Alps to Italy, with Rome as their final destination.

On 2 September 2015, the team will be received by the German Embassy in Rome and, after its long journey, Sebastian Dietz will accept and light the Flame of Inclusion on the podium at a special audience with Pope Francis, where it will be blessed.

In 2016, the torch will travel 11,500 km from Siberia to Rio de Janeiro, where in August it will be received by Sebastian Dietz for the Summer Paralympic Games.

As a sign of true partnership, the Felix Schoeller Group is supporting Sebastian Dietz on this journey as Ambassador for Inclusion. We wish the “Inclusion Requires Action” team every success on this long tour and hope that this campaign will be equally well received and acknowledged by the public.