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Technocell Dekor presents LEVEL 25 – its own in-house collection of trend colours – at this year’s interzum

Technocell Dekor – a business unit of the Felix Schoeller Group, the Osnabrück-based specialty paper manufacturer – showcases its own trend collection comprising 25 colours for the first time. Its slogan is “The feel for colour.”

In keeping with the brand promise “Solutions First,” customers can learn about the latest colour trends in the world of decor paper and interior design and benefit from Technocell Dekor’s colour expertise. LEVEL 25 is a harmonious combination of vintage and pastel colours and earth and mud tones. The colours are part of Technocell’s extensive portfolio of decor colours and can be produced and delivered any time in the accustomed quality.

Marketing manager Martin Wöstemeyer puts it in a nutshell: “‘The feel for colour’ is more than just a slogan. It is the philosophy underpinning our LEVEL 25 collection.” Customers and other interested parties were able to experience our feel for colour at first hand at interzum.”

Other issues that were communicated at Technocell’s interzum stand also illustrated the brand promise. The inkjet-printable decor papers IJ-DECOR®are an example of this. Their performance was impressively demonstrated using one of schattdecor’s application designs. “The compact board with the digital print design, measuring 2.07 x 3.10 metres, met with great interest. It was important to us to showcase specific and genuine end-use applications in the field of inkjet-printable decor papers. We were able to present a current design from schattdecor’s new collection, which schattdecor itself was presenting for the first time at the show,” Frank Meyer-Niehoff, Technocell Dekor’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, explains. Technocell Dekor has been producing and marketing inkjet-printable decor papers since 2008. They were born out of a creative design collaboration with a different division of the Felix Schoeller Group.

The new trend colours collection and digital printing were powerful magnets drawing visitors to Technocell Dekor’s stand at the show. But other issues such as internationalisation of the company’s production facilities, with strategic investment in Russia, China and Canada, also met with a great deal of interest. Stephan Igel, Technocell’s Executive Vice President, is very satisfied with how things went at the show and with the final outcome: “We had numerous extremely interesting discussions. We were able to establish our “Solutions First” brand promise even more firmly on the market and give it new meaning. We wanted to demonstrate that we gear all our solutions to whatever will benefit the customer. And we succeeded.”