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The Felix Schoeller Group’s Release Business Unit is looking to expand its business

Felix Schoeller Release – one of the Osnabrück-based specialty paper manufacturer’s business units – is planning to add further silicone-coating capacity.

Sven Schlobohm, an expert with years of experience in release papers and manager of Felix Schoeller’s Release Business Unit since the beginning of the year, sees it as his top priority to further expand the business that was launched several years ago. “Our main aim is to better understand the needs of the market and our customers and reflect them in our production programme. As a result of the positive way the business has been developing, we have therefore decided to invest in silicone coating at our Osnabrück facility in the coming year. The investment measures needed are likely to be made in mid-2017, so that we will be able to make new capacities available to the market at the end of next year,” says Schlobohm.