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125 years Felix Schoeller

From pioneer to world market leader

In change of time

We celebrate our 125th anniversary

Founded in 1895 as a paper mill in Osnabrück, Felix Schoeller today supplies over 1947 customers in 65 countries. The company has been family-owned since its foundation. Five generations have made the transition from a former photo base paper producer to a global manufacturer of specialty papers. Today Felix Schoeller has production facilities in Germany, North America, China, Russia and India. With Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp, the company has been family-run in the 5th generation since June 2018. 

On the occasion of our 125th anniversary, however, we are not only looking back on achievements. We have a clearly defined vision of the future and the strategies to match it. In 2030, Felix Schoeller aims to remain financially healthy and independent and to be agile in seizing opportunities. We plan to be represented in all growth markets and economic areas.

Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp 

We look back proudly on 125 years of Felix Schoeller history. As a family business, we have always relied on our employees, sustainable growth and the protection of resources. We have successfully combined dynamic growth with sustainable action

Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp

CEO Felix Schoeller

Our milestones

The beginning

1895Felix Hermann Maria Schoeller founds the business
1900Photo paper business set up
1912First operations in the US with the establishment of the Felix Schoeller Paper Company New York sales office

Focus on photographic base paper

1962Opening of the Pulaski mill in the state of New York
1964Installation of the first extruder to coat photographic base paper
1980Concentration of the product range on photographic base paper

Product diversification


Diversification of business operations with high-quality specialty paper for inkjet printers and decor papers


Acquisition of the decor business of Technocell AG and establishment of Technocell Dekor


Expansion of the Weißenborn mill, which becomes the only site in the world for the integrated production of photo imaging papers (an investment of €300 million)

Internationalization of production

2001Technocell becomes an international company by acquiring a majority stake in the decor paper mill of the Kunz Group in Drummondville, Canada
2004Development of the portfolio and start of a strategy to specialise Technocell Dekor by introducing the new pre-impregnated paper PRIP®
2006Expansion into the Russian market by founding Mayak Technocell – a joint venture with the Russian specialty paper manufacturer Mayak in Penza.
2009Production begins of specialty papers for nonwoven wallpapers. Commissioning of PM 5 at the Penza site
2012Opening of Felix Schoeller Sales offices in Tokyo, Representative offices in Tokyo, Japan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Melbourne, Australia


Expansion of the regional customer proximity

2017Expansion into the Chinese market by founding Winbon Schoeller New Materials – a joint venture with the Chinese pulp trading company and specialty paper manufacturer Welbon Group.

Commissioning of PM6 in Penza, Russia, coated non-woven wallpaper and decor paper

Expansion of local converting capacities in Mumbai, India and west coast USA in Anaheim, CA

2019Establish local production of decor papers in Longyou China by take-over of an decor paper mill
2020The Felix Schoeller Group celebrates its 125th anniversary