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We take over

Social responsibility

We take our social obligations seriously. For many years, we have been supporting selected projects from the social and community environment.

For example, we have been an official co-partner of the German Olympic team since 2013 and accompany the athletes on their way to the Games - including to Tokyo, where the Summer Olympics will be held in 2021. In cultural terms, we are particularly involved as the initiator of the internationally renowned Felix Schoeller Photo Award. With this award we honour photographers who share our passion for uncompromisingly good pictures.



Capture magic moments

We are Co-Partner of Team Germany

We have been supporting the German Olympic team as a co-partner since 2013. This embodies our philosophy principles in a unique way: the pursuit of top performance true to the motto "higher, faster, further" with the family thought "being there is everything" in the sense of friendship and fair play - and this globally. Team Germany emotionally and authentically transports our brand promise "Best Performing Papers. Worldwide." 

With our premium papers we give the German Olympic Sports Confederation the opportunity to communicate the world's largest sporting event - the Olympic Games - in a high-quality manner. The athletes can immortalize the photos of their most unforgettable and greatest sporting moments on a premium quality paper. 


We support Olympians

Sebastian Dietz

Since August 2013 we have been supporting the Paralympic Olympian Sebastian Dietz. In the two disciplines of discus throwing and shot put he won several gold and silver medals in national and international competitions. Dietz, who competes for the BSG Bad Oeynhausen e.V., which is 60 km away from Osnabrück, not only impresses with his best performance in the sport, but also with his fighting spirit and determination.

Uncompromising quality, unique flexibility and genuine partnership - parallels to our brand values can also be found in Sebastian Dietz. His great successes in recent years are undisputed top performances based on consistent and goal-oriented training. Turning to two new sports after a serious accident despite his handicap and successfully establishing himself in both of them at the top of the world rankings is evidence of enormous flexibility. Dietz also emphasizes how important the support of his family and the support of his coaches are for his own success.

With our support, we would like to enable a successful athlete from the region to participate in international competitions and to show top performance there. Always there - autograph cards printed on Felix Schoeller paper

Felix Schoeller Photo Award

We are committed to culture

The Felix Schoeller Photo Award

The renowned Felix Schoeller Photo Award, which is open to entries from all over the world, has been a commitment to high-quality photography since 2013. The prize honours works that demonstrate a love of photography and the highest standards of image quality. As a manufacturer of special papers for the best possible prints, the Felix Schoeller Group would like to use the prize to honour and support photographers who share the company's passion for high-quality images. The Felix Schoeller Photo Award is presented every two years. Sometimes over 1,000 works are submitted, with up to five photographs per work. This quickly adds up to more than 5,000 photos by creative photographers. An independent jury evaluates and awards prizes for the best submissions.

In 2019, the Felix Schoeller Photo Award was given a new sub-category - the German Peace Prize for Photography. It is awarded jointly with the city of Osnabrück as a partner. The German Peace Prize for Photography is unique in this form. It links Osnabrück as a city of peace in Westphalia with the Osnabrück-based family business Felix Schoeller.

More about the Felix Schoeller Photo Award



Connected to sport

A strong club

VfL Osnabrück

DFelix Schoeller's reputation as an attractive place to work also ensures his future viability. We therefore attach great importance to local sponsorship. Since 2019 we have been cooperating with the VfL Osnabrück football club. VfL has a great appeal in Osnabrück and the region. The club delivers a great success story: the professional team has advanced to the 2nd league in 2019 and is doing remarkably well there.

Commitment for almost 100 years

Mass sports

Felix Schoeller's involvement in popular sports in Osnabrück dates back almost 100 years.

In 1921 the Arbeiter-Turn-Verein (ATV) Gretesch-Lüstringen, founded in 1907, was provided with a meadow at the Gretesch Tower for sports purposes. Thus, in addition to the founding sports of gymnastics and cycling, new sports such as athletics, handball and football can be offered to the members.

In addition to ATV, the Schoeller Gretesch Sports Club was founded in 1931 as a works club. But with the National Socialists coming to power in 1933, all workers' sports and works clubs are banned. In order to be able to continue the work of the club, the Turnverein Schoeller is founded on 01 July 1933, which is affiliated to the only remaining umbrella organization, the Deutsche Turnerschaft. After the 2nd World War, the club is confronted with the fact that sports clubs have to be approved by the British military government and new foundations under old names are not allowed. Thus the Turn- und Rasensportverein (TuRa) Gretesch-Lüstringen was founded on November 15, 1945. But just a few years later, on 18 March 1951, the general assembly decides to change the name, and Felix Schoeller would like to see the cooperation reflected in the name. After all, it is not the company name but the historic company headquarters at Burg Gretesch that is incorporated into the new club name: Turn- und Sportgemeinschaft (TSG) 07 Gretesch Castle. The Gretesch Tower, which has always been Felix Schoeller's trademark, is also used for the TSG logo, thus demonstrating the close connection.

From 1954 the club has been growing continuously and new sports facilities have been built. The club and Gretesch benefit from the favourable starting position: the tax revenue that Felix Schoeller brings into the municipal coffers enables the municipality to invest far more in expanding the sports infrastructure than is the case in the surrounding area. For example, the new Gretesch sports facility was inaugurated in September 1970 and caused a sensation throughout Germany with Gerd Metz's European record of 100 m (10.0 s). Between 2000 and 2003, important athletics events such as Olympic, World Cup and European Championship qualifying events are also held here.

Today TSG07 Burg Gretesch is the second largest club in Osnabrück and has more than 3,300 members in 20 different departments. And to this day, the club and the Felix Schoeller company are still linked and, for example, the club's activities are continuously supported.