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About us


We believe that paper has an almost infinite potential to enable solutions that improve people’s lives while protecting our planet. Over the past 125 years, we have been dedicated to tapping into the possibilities that paper can bring. Our family tradition in the paper industry began in 1895 in Osnabrück, and since then our knowledge and expertise have grown continuously – and internationally.  

Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp 

We strive to harness the power of paper and to enable our customers and partners to find solutions. Solutions that empower lives, address challenges our society is facing, and make life better for people and our planet.

Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp

CEO Felix Schoeller

Today, we develop, produce and market specialty paper solutions ranging from photographic and digital printing papers to decor papers for the furniture, wood-based panel industries to release liners, sublimation papers and flexible paper composites for packaging worldwide. We know well that paper alone is not the final solution and that unlocking paper’s full potential requires collective expertise. That’s why, we’re committed to working together with our customers and partners to truly harness the power of paper.  

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We need solutions that preserve the life we all know and cherish the moments that make a difference in our lives. That’s why we strive for our vision to make life better through paper. Because paper offers vital technical qualities that enable our customers to create better solutions. Solutions that empower the people around us to live their lives as they wish. As a renewable raw material, paper provides the ideal basis to achieve this for life today and life tomorrow.


We know that paper has the power to make lives better. We also know that paper alone is not the final solution. That’s why we’re fully committed to combining our know-how and technical expertise to go beyond paper – towards enabling our customers and partners to make a difference. By working together, we can truly harness the power of paper and create solutions that are made for life, people and our planet.




Following our long-standing heritage in the paper industry, we place a strong emphasis on cultivating enduring partnerships and working together, based on mutual trust. Therefore, we are always guided by four values. They describe what we stand for, what we measure ourselves by and by that, what everyone can expect from us in everything we do.


    As a family business, we focus on the importance of long-term partnerships and cooperation from the very beginning. We approach our relationship with people in the same way, always building on mutual trust – making us a reliable and dependable partner.


    We combine our know-how and our technical capabilities to go beyond paper alone, creating solutions for our customers and our partners that enable them to create solutions in everyone’s lives. 


    We think ahead, actively demonstrating the infinite potential of paper – because we understand future viability not only as an opportunity but as a responsibility. That is why we are looking at tomorrow today.


    We are united by a passion and dedication to achieve our goals together. Where some see just a sheet of paper, we see more. We see a renewable high-tech material that is a perfect fit for life today and life tomorrow.

Our Guiding Principles

„We value our customers“
For our customers we are a predictable and reliable partner: we do what we say, and we say what we do.

„We live our values respect and honesty“
We respect and value one another, and can rely on each other.

„We welcome new ideas“
New challenges inspire us. Our daily work in the company is shaped by our curiosity. We see new challenges as an opportunity to guarantee the future of the business.

„We focus on sustainable development“
Long-term success is more important to us than short-term profit maximisation.



The first of the three components is PAPER. It is the core of our business, a fascinating, versatile and sustainable material, based on a renewable resource. With its infinite possibilities, paper is the perfect fit for life today and tomorrow.


MADE stands for bringing these possibilities to life. With the greatest passion and dedication. Every day. Every time. It embodies our unique capabilities and especially our employees who make it possible to develop, produce and market paper solutions for our customers and partners.


FOR LIFE represents the wealth of potential and our constant striving to make life better for people and the planet and the reason of our work – now and in the future.