The Board of Executives in a new formation

Herr Li Gao

Yong Li Gao is a new member of the Felix Schoeller Group's Board of Executives. Photo credits: Felix Schoeller Group

The Felix Schoeller Group announces two personnel changes to its Board of Executives (BoE). Stephan Igel (CSO EMEA) is leaving the company for personal reasons and at his own request. His successor will not be decided for the time being. Another change took place on the 1st of January 2022. In his function as Vice CEO APA Yong Li Gao was appointed to the BoE of the globally operating speciality paper manufacturer. He succeeds Peter Cornelißen, who retired at the turn of the year.

Stephan Igel leaves the company
Stephan Igel, Chief Sales Officer Europe Middle East Africa (CSO EMEA) of the Felix Schoeller Group, has left the company for personal reasons and at his own request with immediate effect. Stephan Igel has held several positions within the Group since 1992. Most recently, he has been responsible for the Group's overall EMEA sales and purchasing as a BoE member since 2020.

"As a member of the management board, Stephan Igel played a significant role in the successful internationalisation of the Group and the strategic expansion of our decor business. We thank him extraordinarily for his performance. We regret his leaving and wish him all the best for his personal and professional future," said Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp, CEO of the Felix Schoeller Group. Stephan Igel's responsibilities will be reassigned within the management team for the time being.

Peter Cornelißen retired; Yong Li Gao newly appointed to the BoE.
The Felix Schoeller Group has appointed Yong Li Gao as a new member of the BoE starting from 1st January 2022. In his role as Vice Chief Executive Officer APA (Vice CEO APA), Yong Li Gao has regional responsibility for the company in the Asia Pacific region and specifically China. Mr Li Gao succeeds Peter Cornelißen on the BoE.

Peter Cornelißen has worked for the global specialty paper manufacturer since 2002. From 2002 to 2017, he was Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Managing Director of the Felix Schoeller Group. In 2018, Peter Cornelißen went to China on behalf of the company to play a key role in setting up the joint venture Winbon Schoeller New Materials Co., Ltd as a member of the Board of Directors (BoD) and in the role of BoD Advisor. After leaving the Felix Schoeller Group's BoD, Peter Cornelißen will continue to advise and support the further development of the Winbon Schoeller New Materials joint venture until further notice.

53-year-old Yong Li Gao joined the Felix Schoeller Group on 1st September 2020. He initially served as Deputy Vice CEO APA before taking over as Chief Representative in charge of the sales office in Shanghai on 1st January 2021. On 1st April 2021, Yong Li Gao was assigned the role of Vice CEO APA. He was appointed to the BOE of the Felix Scholler Group on 1st January 2022.

"We are very pleased to welcome Yong Li Gao as a new member of the Felix Schoeller Group BoE," says Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp. "Yong Li Gao has many years of operational and strategic experience in the international industrial environment. His expertise will make a lasting contribution to the expansion of our business activities in Asia and especially in China."

The Felix Schoeller Group's BoE now consists of Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp (CEO/CSO), Georg Haggenmüller (COO), Matthias Breimhorst (CFO), Michael Szidat (CEO NA) and Yong Li Gao (CEO APA).

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