X-Lives: Felix Schoeller receives EU funding for research project

Can specially processed grass fibers from the Netherlands be used for the production of specialty papers? Felix Schoeller is investigating this question together with Grondstoffen Collectief Nederland (GCN) as part of a research project entitled "Grass fiber test and application in paper and board", which is funded by the European Union.   

"As part of the project, we are characterizing our partner's grass fibres and examining in which of our product segments we might be able to use them successfully," explains Dr. Kerstin Hackmann, project manager at Felix Schoeller. A few days ago, representatives from GCN came to Osnabrück for an exchange to hand over the fibers in person. "We have already completed the first preliminary tests," reports Hackmann. The coming months will show whether the grasses can actually be considered as an alternative raw material for Felix Schoeller. 

Better CO2 and water balance?

According to GCN, the CO2 and water balance of grass fibers with alternative processing could be more positive than conventional pulp, as no lignin has to be removed during processing, for example, and the transport routes are considerably shorter.

In the Netherlands, many innovations have recently emerged from the use of grasses: Insulation materials, building materials, but also cardboard and paper. For Felix Schoeller's specialty papers, however, raw materials must be virtually free of disruptive elements - such as protein - in the production process. This will be tested by our colleagues involved in the project. 

Felix Schoeller has already tested grass from other sources. However, complications repeatedly arose because the binding capacity of the fibers was not sufficient and a high protein content had a disruptive effect on the paper production process. Thanks to the special processing in the refineries, GCN promises that the quality of its grass fibers will be significantly better. The joint research project will initially run until March 2025.

Background information on X-Lives projects:

The X-Lives projects focus on the development of innovative circular solutions for polymers, fibers and mineral materials in the Interreg region. The vision is to create a circular economy characterized by sustainability and resource efficiency through the introduction of innovative recycling processes and the promotion of cooperation between stakeholders. At least one German and one Dutch company are involved in the individual X-Lives projects.

The Interreg VI project "X-Lives" is financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The following Interreg partners are also involved in the financing: the Lower Saxony Ministry for Federal and European Affairs, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate and Energy NRW, the Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat, the provinces of Overijssel, Gelderland, Drenthe, Friesland, Groningen, Limburg and North Brabant.

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