P_E Smart

Special paper for printed electronics


Printing electronic elements today requires substrates with highly smooth surfaces and specific surface properties - especially when using organic inks. With our expertise at Felix Schoeller in applying thin, multilayer coatings to web-like materials (high precision coating), we have created a new generation of high-quality substrates for the printed electronics sector: p_e:smart®.

These papers are characterized, among other things, by high dimensional stability and thus lead to significantly less waste when printing organic circuits compared to conventional substrates (e.g. PET films). At the same time, the flexibility of paper as a medium is retained - with diverse and highly individual possibilities for use.

Properties of p_e:smart®

  • High dimensional stability even at high temperatures
  • Highly smooth surface
  • High chemical purity
  • Free from heavy metal impurities

Advantages of p_e:smart®

  • High accuracy of fit, even when multiple conductive layers are applied
  • Suitable for applications under clean room conditions
  • Suitable for application under vacuum
  • Significantly less scrap than with other carrier materials

paper type 1

  • White opaque paper-based substrate
  • Closed, non-porous surface coating
  • Hydrophilic coating
  • Antistatic backside coating

paper type 2

  • White opaque paper-based substrate
  • Hydrophilic, nanoporous surface coating

paper type 3

  • White opaque paper-based substrate
  • Hydrophilic, nanoporous surface coating

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