Meet the new
Felix Schoeller

Experience now

Meet the new
Felix Schoeller

Experience now


In a world with endless choices and opportunities, how can we make our contribution to preserving limited resources while also protecting people and the planet? We wanted to find an answer for us. And we did.

We invite you to explore the new Felix Schoeller. Join us and discover our approach to making a difference.

To uncover our true impact, we embarked on a journey with our customers, partners, and employees. The outcome? A diverse range of insights, all united by the common goal of achieving something together. With this in mind, we set an even stronger focus on combining our existing strengths and expertise on paper with a clear commitment to helping our customers make a difference. For life today and for life tomorrow.

Our Vision and Mission

Make life better through paper

We understand the importance of preserving the life we all know and treasure the moments that make a difference in our lives. That’s why we follow our vision to make life better through paper. As we constantly look ahead, we shed light on the infinite potential of paper and enable our customers to address the needs of tomorrow, and today.

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Enable solutions in people's lives by harnessing the power of paper

We are on a mission to unlock the power of paper. As we combine our know-how with our technical capabilities, we are ready to go beyond paper and enable our customers and partners to create paper-based solutions that make a difference in people´s lives. And we know that it’s only by working together that we can truly harness the power of paper.

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Felix Schoeller - PAPER MADE FOR LIFE


Felix Schoeller - PAPER MADE FOR LIFE

As a promise and an aspiration PAPER MADE FOR LIFE is the essence of everything we do. PAPER is the core of our business, a fascinating, versatile and sustainable material, based on a renewable resource. MADE stands for our unique capabilities and especially for our employees, who make it possible to develop, produce and deliver paper solutions for our customers and partners. FOR LIFE represents the reason of our work. A multitude of possibilities and our constant drive to make life better through paper. 


Interested in experiencing the new Felix Schoeller firsthand in real life? We will be present at a series of trade fairs in the coming months, and we invite you to come visit us to get a real-life impression of what the new Felix Schoeller stands for.

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Our range of specialty paper products and solutions for a multitude of uses and industries is comprehensive. Are you looking for an overview or do you already have a specific area of interest? Feel free to browse our portfolio and see for yourself.

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