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Protection of resources

Protection of resources


Sustainable protection of resources is, at Felix Schoeller, both promise and a commitment. Therefore in 1979 Meltorec was founded, a company which takes responsibility for the disposal and recycling of waste materials for the whole Felix Schoeller Group worldwide at various sites.

Meltorec’s task is to reuse secondary materials and to reintroduce resources into the cycle. Waste materials and rejects become reusable materials thanks to Meltorec’s know-how.


  • Supporting customers with technical problems with materials bought from Meltorec 
  • Use of the Felix Schoeller Group’s development department
  • Consulting for the marketing of secondary materials

    • Development of disposal concepts (recyclable materials) for third-party companies in the area of paper and/or plastics (phase-out sections, outer web sections, start-up sections, secondary goods, excess production)
    • Access to existing network for optimum disposal channels

Andreas Buller
General Manager
Meltorec GmbH Co. KG
Tel. +49-541-938-556
Fax +49-541-3800-324
E-mail: ABuller@Felix-Schoeller.com


The paper industry is an energy-intensive industry. Alongside many other measures, one of our most important sustainability goals is to reduce our energy consumption. We base our energy management on ISO 50.001, with the aim of achieving a two-percent annual reduction in relative energy demand. To that end, we have run three consecutive energy campaigns. From 2006 to 2013, we invested €8 million in energy efficiency and another €14.5 million are earmarked up to 2015.

As part of a long-term strategy, the company took the decision to take our energy self-sufficiency up another notch in the future. The background to this is that we are expecting energy prices to rise as a result of further restructuring of the energy market in Germany and an increase in the renewables’ share. There is also likely to be a further increase in the surcharges and subsidies for other areas resulting from the Renewable Energies Act. This trend, in conjunction with the high efficiency of CHP plants, makes investing in our own power plants a sound economic option, albeit only with a view to meeting our own energy demand.

We took the first step toward this aim at our Neustadt mill in 2014. A new gas-based CHP plant went online there last summer. We have taken another step in that direction at our mill in Penig, Saxony, where a new boiler and gas turbine are being installed.

To encourage each and every employee to be energy-conscious, we are offering prizes under our FIT programme for ideas that lead to energy savings.

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