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The 10 Guidelines of the Felix Schoeller Group with regard to Quality, Hygiene, Energy, Environmental, Health & Safety

  1. The main goal of our activities is the satisfaction of customers and employees. Quality is what benefits the customer.
  2. We make every effort to ensure competitiveness, market leadership and long-term business success based on innovation, quality, costs and service.
  3. Safety, health and environmental protection are as important as quality and quality consistency.
  4. Communication, training performance recognition and the delegation of responsibility all serve to ensure active staff involvement as well as increased awareness of quality, hygiene, energy, environmental protection and safety.
  5. The basis of our holistic quality- , hygienic-, environment- and safety demand lies in optimized processes in all production-, service- and administrative departments. We are constantly working on measurable improvement of all business sections of the enterprise. Our success is contingent on continual, environment friendly and consumption optimized improvement and development of our production processes, products and technologies as well as quality consistency. By these means we ensure our competitiveness, our potential of growth and our business success. We are practicing Lean-Management self-dependent in all departments of our company.
  6. We use internal and external benchmarking to reveal weaknesses in operative practices, as a basis for continuous improvements regarding quality, hygiene, energy, environment and safety and in setting of future goals.
  7. The group-wide Integrated Management System for Quality, Environmental protection, Health & Safety and Energy will serve as a guide for management decisions with consideration given to each location’s internal practices and international standards. Management of Quality, Environment, Health & Safety control and determination of costs are used as tools for measurement improvements. The same applies for the Hygiene Management and the Energy Management established in some mills.
  8. The Felix Schoeller Group encourages two way communications with employees, suppliers, customers, public agencies and other interested parties. We promote the conservation of natural resources and responsible use of raw materials and energy. We general work to guarantee that the natural resources are from sustainable forestry operation. That´s why special products are FSC® certified. We keep environmental impacts to a minimum; whenever possible we refrain from adversely affecting the environment altogether.
  9. We strive to protect the health of our employees through safely designed workplaces, medical care, and systematic removal of potential hazards. The prevention of work related accidents and on-the-job health risks, as well as the abatement of problems which result in accidents at the workplace are priorities of utmost importance to us.
  10. The adherence to effective regulations concerning quality, hygiene, environmental protection, energy and safety is self-evident and will be checked regularly. Laws, regulations, public agency injunctions and all other legal requirements are the foundations for the business processes and minimum requirements for all Felix Schoeller Group locations.